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The Dolly's Legend

The Dolly\'s Legend
Castelfranco Emilia, Italia, Modena
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Folk, Blues, Rock
Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, many others...
The silence is the worst thing you can find
Let people hear my music!


The Dolly's Legend was born in 2007: Frank decided to undertake this solo project after falling in love of 60s Folk.

Month after month gigs grows and, in April 2008, the first self-titled album sees the light. The nine songs that will take part are:

1. Folk Night
2. The Long Roads
3. Runnin' Free
4. The March of Miss America
5. Sunday Afternoon
6. Ballad For My Country
7. Men's Legend
8. Like
9. While the Clock is Runnin'

The second album is released in the September of the following year. It's called "Back Down the Road" and contains six songs:

1. The Lady who's Knockin' on your Back Door
2. The Last Whistle of the Train
3. I Just Wanna Be Happy
4. Jesus Had No Money
5. No Need To Go Home
6. Game Over

The album is made with the collaboration of Matteo Gamberini, better known as August in Fall. Compared to the previous work it is less Folk and musically more elaborate.

In August 2010 is ready "Turn Back Time", even more refined in sound and recorded with many guests. Eight songs this time:

1. The Spider
2. Mary's Toy
3. Lonely Boy
4. The Glider
5. Farewell
6. Cocaine For Free
7. Teddy Bear
8. Arrow in the Heart

The live activity in support was not the best, both for personal reasons and for Frank's side project with singer Melsinki.

In November 2011 Frank retires from the duo and 20 January 2012, played the last gig scheduled, aside also The Dolly's Legend.
Immediately after he will create Flûte (Piano Bar) and Dolly Queen (Irish Folk) both with Nataly, his wife.

After several dates with both projects and an EP with Dolly Queen, Frank recorded by himself a Rock album called "Simple Ways". The inspiration to write came back from the roots: grunge was in fact the best way for writing new songs.
The album features the following pieces:

1. Friend of Mine
2. Fire&Rain
3. Midnight
4. Coffee
5. Old Shepherd
6. God's Drinkin' a Beer
7. Bad Man
8. The Best Book
9. Alice
10. The Queen's Back
11. Simple Ways

The album is dedicated to his daughter Morgana.