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J. Wise

J. Wise
Belvidere, Illinois, United States
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Hip Hop
Eminem, Mac Miller, D'pryde


J. Wise's Bio:
The Visionary was born on March 15, 1994, and began his infatuation with music at the age of eight when his sister gave him his first piano. At this time his sister Julie had died of a heroine overdose and his best friend/ baby sitter hung himself in his basement. He stayed at his desk with his piano for hours on end trying to express any emotion he could reach. Though to this day there are a lot of things he won't talk about. Throughout his childhood he became more and more interested in music in all aspects. He loved to sing, rap, play guitar (electric and acoustic), Drums, piano, and experimented with making beats on his computer. His favorite artist was and still is Eminem. "I can relate to him.. I feel as if his music was made personally for me. Em, if you ever see this I want to thank you. You have kept me going for years. You are my inspiration". J. Wise. With the music that Eminem had provided Joe was able to survive with the struggles of living on the streets with his "family" to not having hot water or power for eight months. He has learned that life is what you make it. Being homeless he had no choice but to avert crisis and make light of it. He made forts from sticks and leaves and stared at the stars. Under constant watch from his step dad waiting for him to slip and being subjected to verbal and physical abuse, he held his family together throughout it all. After his parents lost their house in 2004, his step father made an attempt at suicide. He couldn't help but feel relieved because of his time off from his step dad's rein of tyranny as he lay in the hospital recovering. But the vacation didn't last long. His mom spiraled into a deep depression and Joe's only escape had lied in his music. He struggled daily and failed at 3 attempts of suicide. "It's ridiculous to fail three times haha, I must be here for a reason". J. Wise. He was told by his step father through out his entire childhood that he was worthless and will never do anything with his life. Through fist fights, arguing, and threats the pressure and desperation broke him. He had succumb to his step fathers torment. He dropped out of high school at the age of 16. He became a worthless and fiendish addict. Anything to relieve the pain... Joe gave everything for the next high. Traded laptops, Iphones, and others love for his ridiculous new infatuation. "I hurt allot of people and lost allot of friends. But the one person I hurt most was my mom, the only person that held the fibers of my sanity together" J. Wise. "My Mom is the most amazing woman in my life. As I grew older I saw more and more that my mom isn't perfect, that was hard, but she is trying as hard as she can and I believe she has raised me well". J. Wise. During his struggle he obtained a bible and a mic... "God gave me music, music saved my life... It's time to give back". Those are words of our own J. Wise. A boy who is only 17 but in spite of his true age he has the mind of a man going on 30. "Life has kicked my ass already and I'm young, I'm up now bare knuckle's and ready for 12 more rounds" J. Wise. He gets his name from his friends. Many have gone to him for advice and or help. They refer to him as wise for his knowledge and understanding of life, and the fact that he has his eye's truly open. "But through all my pain, struggles, and desperation, I see it as a gift, I will embrace it and make it blossom. Without every tragedy that I've lived through, I would not be right where I am today". J. Wise. "My life is a roller coaster, Gotta love them gut wrenching twists and turns". J. Wise. Joe worked days and nights constantly, to improve in the eyes of his peers, mother, step father, and himself. He clung to his gift as if, if he were to let go he would fall into the opening of hell, like the devil himself was waiting for him. Now we are here today, 3 months later. He's Working hard day and night to be heard. Please give him a listen. He has a mix-tape coming soon, stay tuned!