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The world we live in has been turned to a system in that the people in power get to control the others and ensure that anyone who joins their 'elite club' has to be selfish in their own way and act in the same way or will be kicked out. I know I sound like a crazy person when am writing this but believe me, I know what am talking about.

We have all grown to follow a set of rules that when broken, will end you in pain and suffering of many kinds. This is the power that the individuals who want to keep us in this system forever have used and are still using, which I have to admit is quite effective. Information for our own empowerment is sieved to a point where the only skills that are passed onto our children are like old strings waiting to be tied onto a new puppet for an old show. The media is one of the most effectively aggressive way that fear is passed. Am not saying sell your TVs and your radios, am just saying, understand exactly what they are doing and their goal even as you stay entertained. If you have heard of the New World Order, you probably think that this is one of their preachings but this is not. Am here not to tell you what and when to do something, but to inform you that you were born an individual and that you can shape your future and noone should tell you otherwise. I am giving you a chance to have a new beginning and no time is late to have your new beginning.

In joining 'B The Revolution' doesn't mean that you acknowledge everything am saying but that is why you get to ask me any questions in whatever place doesn't seem right or you do not understand. In joining 'B The Revolution' you are simply joining the set of free minded people, Free Thinkers, people who do not do things blindly just because everyone is doing it but find out the root of the craze before joining it.

Each one of my songs contain a package of either information to help you in your path of Revolution, information to use as firepower when your path is filled with people planning to stop you from reaching the level that you need to reach to have lived a full life and keep your name in the hearts of many, me being the first.

My songs are not only meant to entertain you but to show you the path that you can choose and the consequences or results depending on what you choose. Do not get me wrong though, am not going to make the decision for you; that you have to do by yourself and when you are ready to make that decision, you will not only know which path you need to take, but you will also get to understand why I couldn't make that decision for you.

I deeply hope that in the end, I will have helped you find your particular path and your happiness will be mine. B The Revolution.

You can be whatever you believe you are.

For any questions, you can post them on my wall.

Your Truly,


B The Revolution.

You can Halla me at +254718005411 for more info