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Scrub Flower

Scrub Flower
paris, france
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Electronica, Pop, Alternative
Rodney Prosser
The The, Beta Band,Lou Reed,Bowie


The basis for a good song is if it makes it's creator feel cool. When you see a band posing for a photograph in mid November wearing shades, it's because they feel like this.
Scrub Flower wasn't like this in the beginning, it was just fun and nothing to be proud of. I then met a few talented musicians and their input created something worth my giving my best shot.
Then after a year there was an album and everyone had gone. I was back on my own and I got into pure dance and putting tracks on-line. Thanks to I got a lot of listens and encouragement. I then hooked up with an old friend Franck who plays a mean riff. I went down to Toulouse(south FRance) and we recorded SLOW with fake Barry White vocals,me on dub bass and Franck hitting a Killing Joke sound. It's gonna be on vinyl next year.

Scrub Flower join dance with good sounds, interactive noises aimed at people who like deep bass and moving around. Less free-style more of an edited version of chaos, just keeping the best bits. Remixing songs adding new vocals, helicopter crashes and gunfire.
All songs are made using AUDIOTOOL and a collection of other edited sounds. Some samples are homemade. Guest vocals from G-Man Jake, Ablo and Olivier Molema.

We started recording as a group and we used real instruments and we did a kind of multi style music, we didn't have a particular sound. It was really strange. We recorded a cover of Teenage Kicks by The Undertones in a kind of New Wave sound and then did some Cold Wave. It was all going quite well but it just sounded like demos and then we kept going everything was on an 8 track which was really easy to use. I then got into free on-line synths and drum machines. In the beginning I clicked on and found some music stuff and then I went onto and used the cool synths. Then weeks went by and we did Reggae and lots of stuff. Then POW! we found and things got much more serious. I recorded loads of tracks which I uploaded to the 8 track and got them mixed and then added vocals and percussion. THe group was me and A guy called King Pin who played a lot of guitar and bass but he abandonned the group before the album got released. So now we have a new line-up.





1985 with Wasp synth recorded first demo Both!
1986 played synth in thrash band BLOW BY BRONSON (demo destroyed in car accident, second gig stopped by police)

1987 Recorded Hip Hop with Fuzz Townshend (PWEI) under name Rodney P almost signed to EMI


1989 recorded with ORANGE (band) at Jam Studio at same time as Primal Scream for Screamadelica

1990 worked in rehearsal Premises studio London with blur,suede, st etienne,brand new heavies, and many more as clients

1990 sang in Guy Blonde and the Timewasters (band supported Boy Wonder and Cuban Heels)

1991 managed Suede for one week and helped them to be heard by CBS

1991 created Bubbly Hairdos with Iain Ayres from Curved Air and Sean Mildren


1994 sang with Fake Picassos but never gigged

1997 sang with Papercage and did around 140 song demos

2000 Bosom Buddies Identity Bracelet on compilation Kung Fu Fighting

2001 Shendyl Movedo Discoteeth with Nick Simms (Cornershop)Mark Swann on compilation Future Now on the radio in France

2002 Vegomatic album Rock n Roll and the correct use of soap sang on six songs

2002 Vegomatic single sang French UP on MTV2

2003 The Bishop Invaders Kylies Heroes (lyricist)
2005 Started Lord Prosser and have played 350 concerts since then
2009 Lord Prosser album Traces of Yesterday

2010 Shendyl Movedo two tracks on CD Who's gonna leave me next?
Lord Prosser two tracks on CD Who's gonna leave me next?

2011 Scrub Flower recorded album in Clamart France

currently rated number 45 in Reverbnation local chart!

gig on 13 january in Rennes France