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Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Hip Hop, Club, R&B
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Stop N Watch E.N.T
God & Good Music


I started performing music when i was in the third grade. I perform a very popular song made by CrisCross. It was very excited the rush from the people in the audiance was unbelievable. Right then and there i knew i felt something special in music.At the age of 12 i began to make sound with a keyboard and a small computer program called Cool edit pro. I started to sample beats with instrument clips. I then began to pick a microphone up and took my vocals from life situation and record on top of the sample beats. The recordings were poor so i kind of took another path at that time in my life. When i fhinish school and graduated i then found a way to record with a friend of mines that i grew up with making mixtape underground cd's in his mother basement. My friend was way more advance in the engineer in the music so the music was very decent but i was still looking for that proffesinal studio quality. When i finally pump into a woman named jurnee i then link up with a guy name ed in which he had a proffesinal little studio. I then made a rough draft of a song for about 2 hours. after i heard i well i sound under pro tools i wanted to always be in the studio but at that age i could not afford sessions.. So now im on the verge to get that quality back and be heard by millions of fans around the world. I am determine to be a golbal icon no matter what!!! Enjoy my music...Thanks