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My Testimony On Saturday, April 28,2001, one day after my 26th birthday, i was on my way home from Brooklawn Youth Center where i was a youth conselor. I had just finished playing basketball with the kids from the center. As I was driving home my heart started pounding and my neck tightened up. When i got home from work i decided to go to Floyd Memorial Hospital. While waiting in the Emergency Room i had passed out. Next thing i could remember they were taking a CAT Scan to find out what was happening to me. There was a dark shape on the back of my heart that showed up in the CAT Scan. Then i was rushed to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY. At Jewish they ran more tests, and the tests showed that my aorta had enlarged to 13 centimeters. A nomral aorta is approx. 2cm. My enlarged aorta had pushed my right lung into the side of my chest. I was diagnosed with a dissecting aorta aneurysm. My grandmother died in 1978 from the same thing i had just been diagnosed with. The next day they performed a 14-hour surgery replacing my aorta. Before the surgery i demanded to see my two-year-old son Landon. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to see him again. My mother was told that they had never seen an aorta this big in such a young person and that my chances were not great. The doctor told my family that i had a 10% chance to live and a 70% chance that i could be paralyzed if i made it through the surgery. The hospital was filled with church members, family members, and friends that were all praying for me. From coast to coast there were people praying for me through their prayer lines. I don't remember anything at this point in time, but I do remember feeling nervous. My mother told me that we had talked that night about the calling I had upon my life to minister to the young people through my music and that we knew I would survive because the Lord is going to get me through this. Towards the end of my surgery the nurse told everyone that was there for me that my aorta had been replaced and all my organs were being attatched to the artificial aorta and that I was doing well. Later she came back and told everyone that they were having trouble getting the bleeding to stop. They all gathered out in the waiting room and held hands and began to pray for the bleeding to stop and to bring me out of this set back. The nurse came back later and told them that the bleeding had stopped and that I would eventually be moved to the recovery room. They all stopped and thanked the Lord for what had just happened. Early afternoon on April 30, 2001 I was moved to the Intensive Care Unit. I still don't remember everything at this point and time; but my mother told me everything that had happened when i was in the ICU. After they got me settled in -they let my mother in the room. When she came in the room she said i was awake and smiling and rasing my aim in the air saying "MOM I AM ALIVE AND GOD DID IT!"