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Sir. Tron Tha Great

Sir. Tron Tha Great
Greenville, SC, USA
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Hip Hop, Neo-soul, Rap
Tron McBride
Outkast, Goodie Mob


Sir.Tron was born with natural talent. Early in life he surrounded himself with music and saw music as a creative way to express himself. In middle school, Tron began receiving formal training as a member of his school band. He was a stand-out student, passing musical test with perfect scores. Sir. Tron demonstrates his musical talent on the trumpet, drums, and keys, playing every instrument smoothly and with ease. Trons lyrical skills were developed though his ability to write poetry. With his quick abilities to break down words, you will often hear a complex message though his delivery of metaphors and poetic lines. Tron has performed at numerous local shows and parties. He has also been involved with a variety of rap groups: Ylimafia records, Da Bandits and Nvrsn He has released one single and is currently working on an album. Tron has also produced for several television and radio shows and artist. Trons influences are Tupac, Nas, Big Rube, Eminem , Royce Da 59, Outkast , and Goodie mob. Tron Biggest influences of all are Andre 3000. If you want a fresh new sound with a soulful groove and a deep lyrical content then you should be listening to Sir. Tron tha Great