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Stephano Christophero (Pandaman)

Stephano Christophero (Pandaman)
york, pa, America
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Absolute Awesome Entertainment
The Pandaman Clan
Motivated by JJ :)
Maybe JJ knows a Press to do a write up on me!
Upcoming Free Ent. will be at PANDAMAN PALACE - Google it! Or, go to
Website: &


Hey Yaw'll! It's a real pleasure to finally get on this coool site! JJ is actually a long standing friend of mine from decades ago. He is a Great Guy & Good Friend that, I had the honor of playing music with back in the 70's!

I wish you all the best here & look forward to hearing your stuff as well as bringing some of my stuff onto the site later. I am currently trying to get another computer, so I can get movie maker to make videos & edit etc. Till that happens;

You're invited to visit my new theater (at called Pandaman Palace - The Absolute Awesome (animated) Entertainment Castle - where i'll eventually start doing all kinds of absolute awesome southern styled originals & classic folk-n-rock Tributes on acoustic guitar.

My entertainment bizz/label is "Absolute Awesome" Entertainment, which was mainly named after the type of voice overs & impressions I've been doing for decades which; I've won awards for etc.

I now am preparing for upcoming FREE Shows on the internet - featuring "Pandaman" & The Pandaman Clan - a Group of Pandaman Performers who have done lots of stage & radio shows.

Really am looking forward to hearing some of your stuff & sharing mine with you also. But, first, I've got lots of work ahead of me. But while I'm putting it all together, check out Pandaman's Bio at & expect a few cool stories coming on the AA-Story's page (coming soon)!

There's also a page there on our bizz "Absolute Awesome" with a nice little write up, but some more info at Absolute! is more for the upcoming songs, storys & shows, So dont forget to check back every now & then - to see what's going on at!

Once you're there, click on the "Pandaman Palace" and follow easy guide into "The Theater", as that's where upcoming shows are!

Till Then! - Pandaman!