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Studio City, CA, United States
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Jazz, Rock, Fusion
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ONOFFON Productions
Don Lake-guitars, vocals; Von Babasin-bass, vocals; Dave Goode-drums, percussion; Glen Garrett-saxes, flutes
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ONOFFON, comprised of Don Lake - guitars, harmonica, vocals; Von Babasin - bass, vocals; and Dave Goode - drums and percussion, is totally diverse alternative jazz rock from Los Angeles. In the reviews we've received, we've been compared to bands like Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Brand X, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pat Travers, Miles Davis, Weather Report... not so much 'sounds like', more in 'musical approach'. We met in late '96 and three months later, we recorded our first album, "Surrender Now", which released in '97. Since then, we have released two more albums, "Your Mind", in 1999, and, "Bridge to Presage", in 2005. We are 100% independent - we produce EVERYTHING ourselves, out of our own pockets, making ALL creative decisions. All CDs are available at, as well as most digital distributional sites, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and Emusic. We are now promoted from well over 30,000 websites around the world and earned awards, features, and critical acclaim from every corner of the globe. We earned the title, 2005 "Artist of the Year" from the International Online Music Awards, and the following year, had our latest release named IOMA's 2006 Best Album. The band is on hiatus during the production of a documentary film involving the bassist, Von Babasin.