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alan neilson

alan neilson
Stourbridge, United Kingdom
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Indie, Acoustic, Pop
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elementary recordings
alan neilson
David Bowie, Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, Ronnie Lane, Theatre of Hate, Aimee Mann


Born in 1969.
In 1974 discover Mike Batt.
In 1977 fell in love with Carrie Fisher.
In 1978 fell in love with Debbie Harry, The Clash and Sex Pistols inspire me to pick up a guitar.
In 1979 John Lydon blows my mind with "Death Disco". Ridley Scott opens my mind with "Alien".
In 1980 discovered Theatre of Hate, Joy Division and Bowie.
In 1982... "Blade Runner."
In 1985, left school and started on the treadmill.
In 1986, Prince reminds me how important it is to keep a sense of humour.
In 1991, left work and returned to education. Studied at Manchester Metropolitan University.
In 1992, The Frank and Walters remind me never to forget the struggling artist; the little guy.
In 1994 travel around America, my horizons are broadened.
In 1995, graduated as a Live Artist. My short film "According to this story..." is shown at the ICA's LiveArt Festival.
In 1996 begin writing novel, "Touching Wood".
In 2000, Crackerdog Productions are born out of the turbulent turn of the century.
In 2002, get married (not to Carrie Fisher or Debbie Harry).
In 2004, my song "Given" is played on the radio, my short film "Dangle" appears on the BBC.
In 2005, joined www's network.
Between 2005 and 2008: released first official CD on elementary recordings; a single called "The Birthday e.p."
Finished writing my novel "Touching Wood".
Produced radio programs for BBC Radio WM, highlighting unsigned bands from the Midlands.
Composed the soundtrack for film "Milk", made by local film company The Frames. This was shown on Sky in March 2008.
Began working with local bands on a documentary about the local unsigned music scene. Met Miss Halliwell and the documentary morphed into DSD.
In 2009, produced, filmed and edited the full-length feature film, "Die Son! Die!", with revolutionary punk band Miss Halliwell. This was released, along with the music from the film on CD and download on August 17th 2009.
In 2010 released the debut album "bear_bare".
In 2011, began work on collaboration album: "Soliloquy".
Sang with Matthew Jones Orchestra and Choir at "For Dusty - A Tribute" at the Albert Hall, with Boy George, Hazel O'Connor, Kenny Lynch, Lucie Felas and Mica Paris.
In early 2012, released the collaboration album: "Soliloquy", with contributions from Daniel Laidler, The Mekano Set and Miles Perhower.
In late 2012, my son is born.
In 2013, compose and release "From Winter to Winter", a Christmas song dedicated to my beautiful boy Theo.