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The Subjective Perspective

The Subjective Perspective
Prunedale, California, United States of America
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Folk Rock, Jam Band, Classic Rock
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All the music and literature that comes from the heart in this world
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A few shows getting set up for the end of 2012 and throughout 2013. Check


Buy their FULL LENGTH cd, Urban Folk Kaleidoscope on itunes or at

The Subjective Perspective is a working class duo from the NYC area. Comprised of Nick and Lisa, The Subjective Perspective is a medley of addicting sounds and lyrics acting as the embodiment of the raw emotion felt growing up in the working poor sections of the NYC area. Their sound ranges from reggae and a classic rock sensibility, to hip hop, blues, and a progressive jazz jam sound. Audiences of all ages and styles find a quick connection to the lyrics, sound, and overall energy that The Subjective Perspective conveys in the studio and during live performances. Deriving their inspiration from music and literature created from the heart, The Subjective Perspective has been revered as an original and unique duo who has the ability to create music that inspires the thoughts and dreams of listeners and onlookers.