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Tacoma, Washington, USA
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1/2 Norwegian & 1/2 Czechoslovakian With A Pinch Of Swedish.

Shy, Funny, Sarcastic, Humorous, Down To Earth, Laid Back, Caring, Loving, Sick Sense Of Humor At Times.

If They Had A Coffeeholic Annonymous I would be the first one enrolled in it. Cause I drink wayyyy to much damn coffee!

Co-Founder of Ghostly United & Washingtons Paranormal Association(but have put that on the back burner for now). I was the lead paranormal investigator with the team White Noise Paranormal for almost a year.

If you are easily offended by things, well fuck me runnin - then you shouldn't talk to me, but if you want a kick ass chick that rocks as a friend then you should start talkin.

Love Me Or Hate Me. Either Way...Your Thinkin Of Me & Personally I Couldn't Care Less.