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AMEN - Video

Gianna-Salvato (Believe Me) ft. AM3N 2012 Produced By COREmuzik.


All Rights To Gianna Salvato! you have an Amazing voice. An i thank @COREMuzik that man is a Genius!

Survive These Time's..


This song is about Surviving, They win when you lose. Keep your head up!

Adele - Rolling In The Deep **Remix** 2012 - AM3N


Lyrics From my Song " The Story of the Man Who Loved "
Not copyRight infringment intended. All rights To Adele!

Imagination/ Air-Amen Produced by John Justice


John Justice

Ron Paul vs Bilderberg Trilateral Commission Amen XX0

When you walk down this lonely Broken Concrete Road,Thats crumbling benethe you're feet, You must Realize Time is everchanging, But if you find something, or someone that can make time Itself pause into nothing,Never miuse it or abuse it, cuz you'll end up losin it.
an Ive always been different, but my exisitence will be the biggest, if not it'll be the most infamous, cuz i have no limits, Infinite...An God, God is everything, and Imagination is what creates everything.

God is a chemical mastermind,
like takin jesus & mixin him with time.Makin infinity rhyme
I ask do you have dreams money can never buy,
I feel like there is a war goin on for all of our minds,
i just wanted to tell the world go on an free your minds.
It's something money can never buy,
High fly, can you remember, but fallin might be the skys,
an time, time is irrelevant when you close your eyes,
I ask who can see the sun at night?

I say dont have a narrow mind, third world countries could go deprived,
just Close your eyes for the moment in time, Be consumed with the light,
The end of poverty, Imagination draws the line,
I can give a damn what your money can buy,
Cuz i got soul connected with my mind and ima let shit shine.
I say embrace the pain its the one thing thatll let you know you still have your life.
An Peace come's, Only if we unite,
I ask what do you dream of at night?

When you see me comin, Flamed laced ice will be fallin from the skys,
Creatin inspiring dreams in your minds, Somethin money can never buy,
Pryin open that third eye, Ya feel the chillz runnin down your spines,
I said go on and fantasize, Be your own jesus Christ, Until he returns
Im always here for the underdogz given em my best lines, even my dyin days,
But i treat everyday as if ima die, I feel so alone in this world,
But i never felt so alive, You can almost say im Devine,
it's somethin money can never buy.


They say the loudest in the room is the most Weak, but i garuntee my life, The loudest in the world is the most deep,Spillin out my soul on these rhymes,
Im a cartoonist, Today i drew with imaginary lines, god and diabolos getin shot by cupid in someones mind,but im not a mutant im definately one of the fewest,
an i can be the rudest but im very buddhist always walkin with jesus,
An my movement is boosted like a ninja mutant. but like i said im not a mutant.
but ive always wanted to be a nudist,the last line was recruitment for your amusement

AM3N6- All The Drama - Produced by DjPain1