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Garry Hall - Video

The Rain


this was thought of one rainy night lying in my darkened bedroom my Cathy called up to me to see if I was all right and it was so soothing she sounded like the rain.

John the Revelator


done by Blind Willie Johnson in or around 1928

Always Say I Love You


Always say I love you to that special one when you leave out the door, it may be the last time you hold them in your arms.

to old to work


I went to work on monday, I guess they don't need me anymore, I went to work on tuesday, I found a pad lock on the door, I put 35 years in this factory what have I got left to show, Sorry Fannie Mae, you probably won't love me anymore, The well done gone dry and there's a closed sign on the company store, after 35 years in this factory all I have left is a card board box and a real hard floor, (middle) , to old to work in the factory blues, to old to work in the factory blues , I'm yesterdays news

Loves so Far Away


A soldier fighting for his life in a conflict half way around the world wonders if he will ever see the love of his life again so he sits in the jungles of South Asia and reflects on his life as he was growing up , his 1st car, the girl he left behind, his father that he tried to make proud, He finds himself in a place where " Loves So Far Away"