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Bard of Ely - Video

The Same (feat. Ed Drury)


Spoken word poem written and narrated by the Bard of Ely with music by Ed Drury.

Jungle Love (remastered)


Remastered by Alan Mansfield, Jungle Love is a popular song by Bard of Ely that in another version was once released on Meltdown The Album, a vinyl LP compilation by Various Artists on Chariot Records. It was rave reviewed in Q magazine where Paul Davies called this song a "highlight" of the album and dubbed it "swamp rock."

Always Look So Fine


A pop-rock song for which Bard of Ely was backed by his old band Flowers of the City.

Johnny Rotten's still my hero


Written and recorded in 2002 as a tribute to the Sex Pistols and with reference to the Queen's Jubilee. Bard of Ely was backed by a group of teenage girls calling themselves The Somethings.

Sound of One


A techno-folk song that was once used in the soap opera Family Affairs on Channel 5.