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Marek "Dugo" Dugovič - Video

Led Zeppelin - Thank You (cover) - Dugo with band


Video made just for one guitar competition.

Quinea Piggy


My short composition about this nice animal.

Real Ghost Footage


I am not a ghost hunter or something like this... I am just a musician wannabe and I like traveling a lot. So, this short video was made in a small cavern situated in the ruins of an old castle near Bratislava, Slovakia. In my life I have never experienced something like this before... Actually I didnt believe in ghosts or any other paranormal activity. But after this I changed my opinion at all. The sounds we heard there were too much scary and difficult to explain, so I decided to make a short composition to this video cause I dont want to hear it anymore....
Make your own decision.....

Forest Blues


Jamming some bluesy stuff at the forest.



In this psychedelic composition I give You my opinion about the holy church and other organisations that bring only chaos to our lives....