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I was always taught to stand, for what I believe
You will be judged for your actions & your deeds
Always try to do what's moral and what's right
Don't be afraid to push back, take on the fight
Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your Dreams
You're gonna fucked up, It's just reality
You gotta face life, You gotta stay strong
It's gonna take time, you just have to believe
Many will try to oppose, tell you that you're wrong
They alway make you feel, like you don't belong
You've got to find your way, hold your head up high
Don't be trapped by the bullshit, and their lies
You will find in life, you have walk away
They stab you in the back, lost and betrayed
Consumed by their hate, they love your misery
Living off your pain, fueled by jealousy

A Sickness Inside


There is a sickness inside, I can no longer hide
Its taking over, every part of my life
Hatred and pain, devoured by rage
Question my life, have I gone insane

There is this sickness inside
Fueled by the pain,all the loss and the lies
There is this sickness inside
Keeping the hatred alive, my only reason for life

So many chances,plagued by regrets
So much time wasted, fucked up people I've met
Forgotten, forsaken, left to fend for myself



Lyrics Boredom

Creeping up, like a stalker in the dark
Time ticks away, and tears you apart
Lying in a trance, everything's numb
Useless to the world, life's no fun

Boredom, everything's the same
Boredom, Nothing seems to change
I'm goin insane

Can't sleep, can't think, sick of my life
Trapped in my mind, no will to fight
Hour after hour, same thing again
I need change, this shit has got to end

Nothing to do because my life's so plain
Day after day my life is real lame
All I do is just sit and complain
Even though I am to blame



Take a look into the eyes
Of a man with no soul
Scars dictate his story
Life has taken it's toll

All my emotions are changing
Life can really seem bleak
Nothing is true but sadness
All my Strengths make me weak

Life it can be so strange
Your either up or your down
Kicking you in the face
Fucking you all around

Some people seem so nice
Twisting the knife in your back
Everyone knows your fake
Just fucking drop the act

Thriving on greed and misery
But I've got nothing to give
Fuck you and your Kind
It's no way to live
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Times of War


Written 02/11/17
Times of War
Sitting on the edge of the shore
Thinking about times of war
The horizon falls down with scorn
Upon the battles that were fought before
Thousands of souls swallowed by the sea
Forgotten lives, pride & dignity
All that remains are their memories
Soldiers gone, mourning families
Bloodshed, the fields run red
Heal the wounds and bury the dead
Marching on, day by day
No rest, thousands are slayed
Many are lost, some forgotten
Death comes to the misbegotten
Exploring the world, to conquer new lands
Fighting and killing in hopes to expand
Destroy and enslave , consume the land
Rape and pillage, take what they can