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Dave Erving - Video



Another new song Oct.30,2015. 1 year to the day I had HEART SURGERY!!! Remastered Nov. 6, 2015
Staring out in the distance, I think of what could be
Is there a point to the madness, what's our destiny?
Normal life seems so strange, the same thing everyday
People don't even notice, their dreams start to fade
Conforming to a system, designed for us to fail
Just name your price, everythings for sale
Being put down for having our morals and beliefs
Im sick of all the bullshit, let others be deceived
I remember in my past, when the future looked so bright
That time is behind me now I've burned out the light
Even though I'm expected to look back in shame
If I had to do it all again, I think it would be the same
Regrets are part of life, we must learn from our mistakes
Even though we want it all, there must be give and take
Shit happens to everyone, many just think it's fate
It either makes your life or you fucking break

How Quickly We Fall


Written Nov. 26, 2015
Fighting for life at the end of the rope
Nothing to lose, you've got no hope
You don't fit in, you don't belong
No one will miss you when you are gone

You lived your life without having a care
Robbing and stealing causing despair
You always take, nothing to give
Now you'll die the way you lived

You knew life would get you some day
With all the people that you betrayed
Now its too late, too late for remorse
Fate caught up and taken its course

Society's Waste


Written Nov, 23, 2015
Look at the old man in the street bumming change
One day could I be the same?
Do you think he cares, who does he blame?
Does he even feel the shame?

Chorus: Who's to say if I'll be that way
Sleeping above the subway grate
Is this something I'll have to face?
Will I be societies waste?

Look at the old man bumming change in the street
One day could this happen to me?
Did he take a chance on a dream?
What the hell forced him to the street?

Look at the past and what he was
Now you only see what he has become
Nothing quit like when he was young
Inspiration left him a bum?

Look at me, look at my life
Tell me do you think its right?
One day will I see through his eyes?
What does it take to give up on life?

Political Agenda


Written Nov 10. 2015
Government, Politics, it's all about control
"We the people" watch America as it's sold
Choosing a side, time to decide, left or the Right?
What are the issues, do you care, about the fight?

Abortion, Gay marriage, where do you stand?
Presidential Candidates, laying out their plan
Make a difference, do what you can, the futures at stake
Our Nation has been the land where dreams are made
The rise and fall, our Nation won't last
Out of time, we're sinking real fast
Freedom once stood for liberty
The Country's lost, to you and me

Agenda speaks, money talks, in a land where morals cost
No ones free until we fight, for our freedom, for our rights
We must unite & take a stand, fight against the controling hand
It's time to act, and to live again, change the world from how it's been

All is lost, the Nation is weak, take away the freedoms we seek
We don't care, won't effect us, lives are gone, there's no one to trust
It starts by turning your back, forgive the madness, clouding the facts
Everyone thinks life is just fine, before you know it our NATION has DIED



Written Nov. 6, 2015
Boarded up buildings plague these streets
Old crackhouses have been put to sleep
Girls on the corner pulling their tricks
Junkies come and go looking for a fix

This block gets busted, move to the next
Pushing their product, you want the best
Police on your ass and as your copping more shit
You'd rather be dead then in jail or sick

The lucky ones die, cause the hell never ends
You lose all you have, you lose all your friends
Even if your clean, people can't forgive
Sobriety makes it harder to live

Chorus: Junkies all once had normal lives
Addicted, many reasons why
No more pain, shame and misery
No hope, no life, friends or family

You've got to push on no matter how bad
Anything is better than the life you had
Clean for a while, the pain's gonna stay
The hell never ends and the regrets don't fade

Boredom sets in, nothing feels right
Building back trust is an everyday fight
Temptations of life get harder to face
Finally give in to that warm embrace

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  1. 25-11-2013
    The DoPe Brothers

    Lovely song with a beautiful distinctive vocal.