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Dave Erving - Video



Written Nov. 6, 2015
Boarded up buildings plague these streets
Old crackhouses have been put to sleep
Girls on the corner pulling their tricks
Junkies come and go looking for a fix

This block gets busted, move to the next
Pushing their product, you want the best
Police on your ass and as your copping more shit
You'd rather be dead then in jail or sick

The lucky ones die, cause the hell never ends
You lose all you have, you lose all your friends
Even if your clean, people can't forgive
Sobriety makes it harder to live

Chorus: Junkies all once had normal lives
Addicted, many reasons why
No more pain, shame and misery
No hope, no life, friends or family

You've got to push on no matter how bad
Anything is better than the life you had
Clean for a while, the pain's gonna stay
The hell never ends and the regrets don't fade

Boredom sets in, nothing feels right
Building back trust is an everyday fight
Temptations of life get harder to face
Finally give in to that warm embrace

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  1. 25-11-2013
    The DoPe Brothers

    Lovely song with a beautiful distinctive vocal.

Chaotic Journey


New Song written Nov. 5, 2015
As I trudge through the valley of Death
This torch is my only light
Chills run down my spine
Darkness is all that's in sight
As I make my way, I can feel the eyes
Penetrate my soul
Looking around, I sense a feeling
That makes my blood run cold
I turn to see, but is it just me?
Is something testing my sanity
What will I find in this dismal land
A darkness for all eternity
I grasp onto life
I release my final breath
Hell has come for me
Now I face my DEATH

Eternal Stay


Another new song. All lyrics &music by Dave Erving(except drum loops). Oct. 18,2015
Eternal Stay
Brains splattered on the wall, gun falls to the ground
Lifeless body on the floor, nerves twitching all around
A puddle of blood trickles from your head, puss drips from your skin
Rotting corpse as your flesh decays, rigor mortise has set in
Lying on the carving table, limbs dangle from above
Your body's just a piece of meat, say goodbye to all you love
Blood splatter on your face, puss drips from your eyes
Worthless & weak, death you seek, fulfill your wasted life
Now you in the funeral home, lying in the casket
The banner reads "Rest in Peace", across the flower basket
Your family starts to mourn, others just weep & cry
Staring at your lifeless body, "God please tell me why?"
The priest reads your last rights
You gave in, no will to fight
Sealing the box, fill in the grave
This is it Eternal stay

Breaking Free


Another new song. Written Oct. 11, 2015.
What the fuck do you want from me
I'm not your hired help
Your always coming down on me
Only thinking about yourself
Chorus: Pushing down on me
You think I can't see
What your doing to me
Now I'm breaking free

It doesn't matter how much I do
You're always expecting more
Trying so hard to control my life
I can't take it anymore
The life I lived was once my own
You've smashed all my dreams
I barely exist, I can't live like this
Nothing is what it seems



At about 9am (oct4,2015) I found a beat I liked. Almost 12hrs later, I got a(almost done) song & video. I haven't done any music in a LOOOONNNNGGG time!!!
I feel forsaken, it's not a lie
Over and over, I ask myself why
Do I let this shit into my life
In the end I have to sacrifice

Chorus: Another part of what I believe
All the things I once achieved
Taken away, there's nothing left of me
Losing control of my sanity
Maybe it's all just in my head
Insanity & lies it's fed
Analyze every word that's said
Feeling inside I'll soon be DEAD

Tell me now what is the truth
Is it all lies. where's the proof
Everyone knows what to do
Till your mind consumes YOU