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Dave Erving - Video

4th Class Citizen (from 98' Basement Party)


This is a band I sang for in the late 90's. I had this footage on an old broken handycam. I finally found a way to upload the RAW Footage

4th Class Citizen


A BAd recording of a band I sang for in the mid 90's

Blind Angel Live


Fear No Evil is a song from the mid 90's. It's not really on much, so I'm glad to have this copy.
Darrell Karlinsky - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Erving - Bass/Vocals
Frank Wolf - Drums

Blind Angel Live Forgotten Past/Mass Grave


This was at Tiki Fala in Dumfries, Va. Also, we switched & played a few of my songs. I was on guitar & Darrel played bass.
Dave Erving-Guitar & Vocals
Darrell Karlinsky-Bass
Frank Wolf-Drums

Mass Grave Tiki Fala


Blind Angel Live at Tiki Fala Dumfries, Va "Mass Grave" is a song about the Holocaust. I wrote it in the early 90's. DArrell Karlinsky on Bass, Frank Wolf on Drums