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Dave Erving - Video

Escape to Reality


This song is about people judging you by your past. Recorded in 1995 in my basement studio. The Vocals, Guitar and Drums are live and the Bass are Overdubbed. All Music and Lyricvs Written by Dave Erving. Matt Johnson on Drums

F*#king High


A new song I just made, over the last week or so. Then I ended up making the video for it on 12/28/12. It's an original electronic style song. Enjoy!!!!



My Second attempt at electronic music. I got a long way to go.
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Excuse Me(First Attempt at Electro)


I have been into music since before I could walk. Though I have always been taught on "live" instruments. I've been studying synths for a while now, but what I learned and what I practice are turning out to be completely different, but I guess you got to start somewhere, ENJOY!!!! Thanks for watching.

Blind Angel- Purple Haze(cover) Live


Recorded live at Jaxx in Springfield, Va