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Dave Erving - Video

Cut My Hair(after 7 years)


It took me 6 months to finally do it, but the dreads are gone. I did save them though. I composed the music with Music Maker 17.

Comments (2)

  1. 09-06-2012
    Frank Mckenzie

    Pretty kool track for a live do! Is this a origional? love the words!

  2. 04-06-2012
    Double Deuce Hobby Studio

    Great lyrics and Ideas here.... real catchy tune as well... believe this was our fave!

Escape to Reality


A song recorded in 1995. I added the video June 1st 2012. Enjoy!!

Walking Into reality


An old song with a new video

River of Darkness Live


Well, I'm getting this video and audio editing thing down, if you compare this video quality to the other live videos of mine, you'll see a huge difference. The only problem is the rendering time went from 10 min to an hour and 20 min. for less than 4 min of video. But it is worth the difference!!! Enjoy!!!

My Memories


A song about missing the way it use to be