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Dave Erving - Video

Consent to Kill


A new Video for a song I recorded in my basement in 1995

Gloomy Days


Recorded in my basement Studio in 95'.An Old Song with a New Video. Produced with a drummer in 1996. It was recorded in my Basement 17 songs 3 hrs.

Holding On


This is a bunch of sketches I just scanned into my computer. The song in the background is Called Holding On, it was recorded in 95 in my Basement studio. I want to learn more about photoshop so I can do something really awesome with these.

Immortal Gods


I don't own any of the clips used for this video. This was my favorite movie since it came out. I've probably seen it...Well I couldn't even try to count. The music is by my old band Blind Angel. I wrote the lyrics and Darrell Karlinsky wrote the music.

Herion Live at Jaxx


Blind Angel Live at Jaxx in Springfield
Song recorded in 96'
Street Corners alley's calling
When will the madness end
You know your Life has Fallen
When the Needle's your best friend- Darrel Karlinsky