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Dave Erving - Video

Filtered Fallacy


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  1. 09-10-2014

    Nice music Michael! Thanks for the friend request.

Consent to Kill


A new Video for a song I recorded in my basement in 1995

Gloomy Days


Recorded in my basement Studio in 95'.An Old Song with a New Video. Produced with a drummer in 1996. It was recorded in my Basement 17 songs 3 hrs.

Holding On


This is a bunch of sketches I just scanned into my computer. The song in the background is Called Holding On, it was recorded in 95 in my Basement studio. I want to learn more about photoshop so I can do something really awesome with these.

Immortal Gods


I don't own any of the clips used for this video. This was my favorite movie since it came out. I've probably seen it...Well I couldn't even try to count. The music is by my old band Blind Angel. I wrote the lyrics and Darrell Karlinsky wrote the music.