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Dave Erving - Video

Times of War


Written 02/11/17
Times of War
Sitting on the edge of the shore
Thinking about times of war
The horizon falls down with scorn
Upon the battles that were fought before
Thousands of souls swallowed by the sea
Forgotten lives, pride & dignity
All that remains are their memories
Soldiers gone, mourning families
Bloodshed, the fields run red
Heal the wounds and bury the dead
Marching on, day by day
No rest, thousands are slayed
Many are lost, some forgotten
Death comes to the misbegotten
Exploring the world, to conquer new lands
Fighting and killing in hopes to expand
Destroy and enslave , consume the land
Rape and pillage, take what they can

Population Control


First song in over a YEAR!! Enjoy...
Population Control
Overpopulation the world can't survive
Looking for solutions we're all gonna die
Disease & Famine, disasters & death
Waiting for the day when there's nothing left

Natural disasters thousands will die
The world's population continues to thrive
Consuming resources, destroying the land
Earth's worst enemy has always been man

Technical breakthrough, life continues to expand
Extinctions upon us, unless there's a plan
Will there be a future, how long can we last
Death & destruction, the die has been cast

We can't look back, cause yesterday's gone
Choices we made, they all seem wrong
Everyone's talking, but nothing gets done
The wars being waged, nobody has won
We risen to a level, we all must fall
The warnings were there, but nobody saw
We're gonna be punished, just give it time
Humanity's gone, we crossed the line

Up in Flames


Written Dec. 3, 2015
The world's gone crazy, everyone's at risk
Fighting & killing, so much hatred exist
Crazy ideas, blame & regret
We don't agree, lets kill the rest

Gun control, lets enforce more laws
Protect our rights, we must stand tall
Back & Forth, time to decide
Either way, people will die

Spend more money, cause nobody cares
Live life to the fullest, we're not prepared
Time's against us,we'll repeat the past
This kind of greed will never last

Hatred & Pain, No more shame
The world is FUCKED, we're all insane
Don't point fingers, we're all to blame
Watch the world, go up in flames

Tick Tock


Written Dec 1, 2015
Lyrics go forward then back
Time ticks away all the seconds of our life
The past is behind us and the future's a fight
They're brought together by what we decide
Rewards and regrets seem to combine

Everyday is different, but mainly the same
Growing older your suppose to change
Live like a citizen make sure your that your plain
Living by the rules, there is nothing to gain

People can't control the lies they create
Some don't believe and some don't relate
Many carry guilt, such a heavy weight
Some can't live with the choices they make

20 Years Down


Written Nov. 28, 2015
In my life I didn't care about tomorrow
20 years down and I've lost my soul to the sorrow
Memories consumed to the madness
Life has passed, I'm only left with sadness(2nd Chorus)

It's hard to think about a future
If you can't even make it today
Nobody really cares until it's over
Cause time will fade away

So many mistakes I got to keep on living
All of my dreams are crushed and gone
I don't know what the fuck went wrong
Everyday it gets harder just to carry on

Everyone tells me I just have to follow my heart
Thrown into a world, just to be torn apart
Nobody care, nobody wants to listen
I've got no soul, will my life be forgiven