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Angry Bears UA - Video

Space Trucker


A new video for an old song



Comments (5)

  1. 19-05-2012
    JJ Rocks

    Every time I hear this song it reminds me how original you are as a musican. Rock on! - JJ

  2. 23-03-2012
    Da Sweetnezz

    Hey thanks for adding me huni...I would appreciate your support!! Spare me a second of your time and like Ma Music page... And you can officially listen to my new EP "Da Future Is Sweet" via Love Da Sweetnezz ♥

  3. 28-10-2011

    thank you, I bought this Les Paul two years ago
    but actually I didn't use it on the recording bacause the tune is too much dropped down for LP :)

  4. 28-10-2011
    JJ Rocks

    It plays now. very cool! How long have you been playing a Les Paul? You look different than your Mosquito pics.

  5. 28-10-2011
    JJ Rocks

    Cool video! is that you on guitar? The video keeps freezing at 2:35 even after I put it on pause for a while and I have faster high speed now. I'll try again later. Great tune! - JJ