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Clive James Bolger - Video

Juggernaught - Pat McManus.


Filmed in Dublin , Ireland, Dec 2008. When I played as a dep` with the Pat McManus Band.

Groove Patrol - covering Stevie Wonder


Filmed in Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland. August 2012. The sound quality isn`t great, filmed on a phone I think. I only had a one hour rehearsal with the band before going to play the gig.

Tasc - One Heart, One Love.


Original song, written and recorded in 1987, this video is from Feb` 2012, TASC reunited for some gig`s.

Man in a Box, Alice in Chains, Cover.


Filmed, Ireland, Feb`2012, TASC reunited for some gig`s.

Rose - Stone


An original song I wrote with a friend ( vocalist). I play guitar on this.