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hooyoosay - Video

hooyoosay - Time is on my side & Who's been sleeping here


2 pop rock fragments from the album "In dekay" by hooyoosay

hooyoosay - Sittin' on a fence & Play with fire


Retro-style photo-animation video that combines 2 fragments of acoustic recordings from the album "In dekay" by hooyoosay.

hooyoosay - My obsession & Pain in my heart


hooyoosay created this animation video for the release of their single "My obsession", a fresh and innovative approach to a rather obscure sixties Stones' track, the video showing a series of silhouettes, ocasionally emerging from an anonymous crowd.
For the so-called b-side, they chose to do Naomi Neville's "Pain in my heart" as an intimate, melancholic, acoustic jazzy blues ballad. In this part of the video, a lonely figure is depicted in an empty-feeling house.