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sonlewis - Video

So Many Roads


From the Dunellen Theater during a series of benefit concerts for Viet Nam POW/MIA's this video feature Lewis with Ron Petronzi, Jerry Fierro, John Pittas, Frank Fumosa (drums) and Joe Siciliano (bass)

Comments (1)

  1. 21-02-2012

    Can't wait to hear you music!!
    your friend
    Kit Mann

Son Lewis "Evil"


Filmed during the sessions for "Next Train Smokin'" featuring Son with Jerry Fierro (harp), Ron Petronzi (guitar), John Pittas (keyboards), Nick D'Amato (bass) and Tony Carbonaro (drums)

Comments (9)

  1. 14-01-2013
    Bob Melton

    I took a few minutes to listen to your two top ranked souther rock tunes. I really like what I hear and look forward to hearing them all. thumbs up all the way down on both of them!! You really aren't far from where I spend a lot of time around Atlanta. I'll have to come catch a show when I can. would love to hear this stuff live!!!

  2. 03-10-2012
    Maria Elena Sanchez

    Boys, boys, boys - I love that Southern music - you guys really get the blood going. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sound with the rest of us.

  3. 31-05-2012

    Wow you guys make me so pumped up every time I watch a video. Wish we lived close enough to jam once. I would really enjoy that. Left you comments on the videos my friends.

  4. 22-02-2012

    I checked out the videos and left comments, Damn you guys are so good, I would love to see you live. Even though I'm on disability income, I would save to see that show.
    Your Friend

  5. 21-02-2012

    Don't Worry Baby, lord took me back to the days of listening to Molly Hatchet and 38 special. Gave you all stars and added to my place list. Great song brothers, with a great what I like to call storyline.
    Your Friend
    Kit Mann

  6. 21-02-2012

    Hey Buddy Harden Band!!!!!! I Love "Don't Worry!!!!!!" That is a Rockin Song!!!!! I just rated you all Stars!!!!!! I am going to rate your other songs too. I added this song to my Playlist!!!!! Keep On Rockin!!!!!

  7. 21-02-2012
    Dorothy - Staff member

    Hi Guys! Cool music keep on rockin!

  8. 14-02-2012

    Really good time ass rock and roll brothers. I gave you stars on all your songs.
    I think if you listen to my song list, I really think you will enjoy Come with Me and Soul Taker Blues re-mix on the second page, Better turn the speakers up and roll down the windows.
    Your friend
    Kit Mann

  9. 10-02-2012
    Texas City Revelators

    Nice to see we aren't the only "OLD" rockers out there......Good stuff....keep on rockin'