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sidetract - Video

'we on'


full band original album coming very soon

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  1. 24-11-2012
    Tony Watson1

    Energy In Motion:

    Love the rap beginning. Great music, with a really cool beat. It really had me tapping my foot to the beat. Great message about getting your best from inside of yourself. Such a great message, something we all need to work on, getting the power of a Christian message from inside of us out for all to hear. I love the way you are all working together; you have great seams in your music, which I think are most unique to your group. Such a unique message from all of you, pulling together to mix fun music, and to give such an important message. This Energy In Motion, reminds me of the greatest story every told. This is what having Jesus inside can do for you and for others, especially if we bring it out from inside. I really love this song. As usual you amaze me on what your young group can do if you want to. Give us all a grown up message. Tremendous Song Girls. I love your Christian Messages, and Music.

    Many Of God’s Blessings To All Of You,
    Tony Watson,

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