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Stephanie Lee - Video

This Moment


This is a song I wrote for my husband. This is about a romantic night together. Starting by moving slowly across the room and coming together. The wood floor creeks underneath as we walk- you can imagine it in a cabin. Through the candle light, eyes will pierce through. The fire will be blazing, candle lights will flicker and you'll smell the wood burning stove.

This is a song about holding onto the moment. Holding onto someone you love. Sharing a special time with them. Remembering the feelings, the smells, the eyes that tell and every little detail.

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  1. 12-07-2013
    JJ Rocks

    Great voice!

Love Me, Baby


This is a song I wrote called "LOVE ME, BABY". I hope you like it. I had the words come to me in the middle of the night, when I wasn't sleeping again, and knew how it was supposed to sound. I LOVE THIS SONG! It gets stuck in my head. :)