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Suncrown - Video

Just Like You


Suncrown just released their second song from their new upcoming album 'You're not Alone' titled 'Just Like You'.
It is a peaceful song and will be the only ballad on this album.

For this song we invited many special guests from all over the world, including Israël, Jamaica, India, Turkey, Usa and Canada to sing with us:

Yaniv Taubenhouse (Israël) - Piano & Piano transcription
Anusha Karthick (India) - Voice
Deniztin Doğan (Turkey) - Voice
Rochelle Bradshaw (Jamaica) - Voice
Jenee Fleenor (U.S.A.) - Violin
Mary Haley (U.S.A.) - Violin
Ember Lanuti (Canada) - Voice

Video made by: Gunther Vinson

The Beginning is Near


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