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JeweliaMarie - Video

"Time Of Innocence"


Being a child is a season in our lives we will always remember.

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  1. 19-04-2012

    Ron, If I lost you is an awesome song. The story line tells a great story and your vocals are so smooth. All starts for you friend and an add.

"Rain" Video montage on video page


Love rained down.

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  1. 23-04-2012

    Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!!
    Cheers, Danielle,Potion13.

  2. 27-02-2012
    Da Sweetnezz

    Hey thanks for adding me huni...I would appreciate your support!! Spare me a second of your time and like Ma Music page... And you can officially listen to my new EP "Da Future Is Sweet" via GO one step further and download it here: Love Da Sweetnezz ♥

  3. 15-02-2012

    Robert, lord I love your voice. Wow! I gave you stars and added the last two songs to my play list. Great job brother. I really enjoyed my visit here.



Instrumental I created, I love to dance 8-)

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  1. 17-02-2012

    Loved you music on Reverbnation, glad you find you here also. Have a great weekend

"Who Really Cares"


Sometimes we just all need someone to care.

"I Say Yeah"


We all look for that special one to have and to hold, til death do us part.

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  1. 01-07-2012
    Chey Soul

    Hi..great music..nice arrangement and dynamics..nice vocals..!!

  2. 16-02-2012

    I here to tell you that your music really projects the feelings of love, peace, and harmony. Beautiful
    Kit Mann

  3. 30-10-2011
    ambar das

    hi Connie, i love your songs...