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Eddie Lockhurst - Video

Go rest high - Vince Gill (COVER)


my father has been my biggest inspiration since i was a child and this one we did together kind of for memories sake, Trevor Lockhurst - 1st verse and chorus. Eddie Lockhurst 2nd Verse and Chorus, 3rd chorus both.

Grand Optimist -Dallas green (COVER)


this is one that some friends and i did Levi - Slide guitar, bari - vocals. Eddie L. main guitar and lead vocals, Katrina harmonies

Desperado - The eagles (COVER)


This is one that my grandmother has wanted me to sing for a while not my style but i enjoy it all the same :)

Kings of Leon -Closer (COVER)


One of my favorite bands and biggest inspirations (Cover)

Soul - Rivalsons (COVER)


i just love this song so i decided to try my luck at a cover of it hope you enjoy :)