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St. Croix School of Rocks - Video

Pipeline/Walk don't run (Cover) By St. Croix School of Rocks


Here is a video from "St. Croix School of Rocks" 2nd gig ever. It was at Coconuts on the beach on December 26, 2010. Even though we often play much more complicted songs than this, the kids really love this simple surf music. The members are Tyler Rapavi age 10 on rhythm guitar, JJ Rocks on lead guitar, KJ Lewis age 11 on drums, Angel Tirado age 11 on bass, and Chris Tirado age 10 on keys. Just watch their faces!

Comments (3)

  1. 14-03-2012
    Garry Hall

    I thought the young men really came together , very very good !!!!

  2. 18-02-2012

    JJ, you are doing one hell of a job brother. The smiles on the children's faces was better than any Emmy could bring. What a joy and they played so well, I liked the rhythm guitar player in the back ground, looks like he is playing a jackson, he is just having a great time. Your drummer was tight, everyone having fun in the sun. Beautiful.
    Thank you for this.
    your friend

  3. 26-09-2011
    Lenny Fleming

    Awsome!!!! These Kids Rock!!!!