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Armenia - Video

live - Sound Waves - Armenia ::: HELLO, MY NAME IS SOPHIA


November 25, 2017 live - Etherea - Sound Waves - Armenia ::: HELLO, MY NAME IS SOPHIA
Loggia degli Abati Palazzo Ducale piazza Giacomo Matteotti 9 - 16123 Genova free entry
Armenia and Mongiovì will perform either two different sets in the same evening: start h 19:00 and h 20:30 until h 22:00

Saturday, November 25 ARMENIA - Electronic Live Set and Visual - ROOMS
Music for Armenia is a description of the Essence. His tracks are dark, dense, often restless and not indulgent with harmonic and melodic solutions which are simultaneously outlined. He combines an instinctive and intuitive approach with soundscape's meticulous care. He presents in two different parts "ROOMS", electronic set which begins from a rarefied pulsation that becomes more and more tangible and concrete and crosses various forms, namely, the "rooms", including some tracks from the latest album "We Are Still Machines".

(P) Armenia
Video released in December 2017
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September 23, 2017 live - Esplorazioni. - Armenia ::: Extract


September 23, 2017 live - Esplorazioni. - Armenia ::: Extract

Museoteatro della Commenda di Prè piazza della Commenda - 16126 Genova
free entry
start h 17,00

Armenia, experimental electronic musician, so says about himself: "As above so below. I realized: I'm an infiltrate in the world of machines and electronic music. Basic a subversive. I go towards man and everything is adjusted for this purpose in various ways and paths. I install a human virus and I go to the result. Then the machines, both software and hardware, begin to bend, to heat up and become alive. Sometimes it's surprising. Alchemical operation in my sight. The Wise commands. In the background the Child and the Doomsayer."
After traveling with the "IO È" show together with Kseij Dance Company, returning from Budapest, Armenia returns to Commenda in Genoa with his live accompanied by visuals. He brings the new restless studio album, WE ARE STILL MACHINES, preceded during spring by LIKE A DERVISH and published on Bandcamp (…/we-are-still-machines). "Our true conscience can be, and in fact it's almost always, completely absent from all that we do, think, want and imagine ..."
In "ESPLORAZIONI" by DUPLEX RIDE, Armenia also pays tribute to Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff, using frames of "Meetings with Remarkable Men", a movie released in 1979 written and directed by Peter Brook, taken from Gurdjieff's novel by the same name.

(P) Armenia Video released in October 2017
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3days (Tech-Gleba) - Armenia


Armenia: 3days (Tech-Gleba)
Music by Armenia
Album: We Are Still Machines
Upgrade/compare. Armata di nanotecnologia all'avanguardia l'intelligenza artificiale risolverà tutti i problemi del mondo. Share/upgrade. Armata di nanotecnologia all'avanguardia l'intelligenza artificiale risolverà tutti i problemi del mondo. Compare/share/upgrade/upgrade. Compare/compare/upgrade. C'è una domanda ancora che rimane senza risposta: su quanto potremo spingerci oltre e rimanere ancora umani. Mentre ci fondiamo con le macchine (e io credo che ciò sarà inevitabile) ci trasformeremo in qualcosa di nuovo; mentre la tecnologia diventa ampiamente superiore a noi la piccola parte che sarà ancora umana diventerà sempre più piccola fino a essere del tutto trascurabile. Quando la nanobiotecnologia si sarà impiantata fermamente in noi sarà facile aggiornare o declassare chiunque e qualsiasi cosa in ogni modo. When nanobiotechnology will be firmly implanted in us will be easy to upgrade or downgrade anyone and anything anyway.
(P) Armenia
Video released in September 2017
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ARMENIA :::: astonishing and clever Electronic Music ::::


ARMENIA :::: astonishing and clever Electronic Music ::::

3days - "IO È" extract - Kseij Dance and Armenia Live


Kseij Dance and Armenia: 3days. "IO È" extract
Music by Armenia
Kseij Dance and Armenia Live @ Budapest Táncszínház / DEPO / Budapest Dance Theatre - Budapest, HU, May 26, 2017
With Sara Ferrera, Sara Gualtieri, Giorgia Ponticello, Chiara Ramone, Martina Sgarlata, Sindi Stana, Chiara Traverso, Alice Vancheri


...becoming automata, almost like they were remote-controlled by others...

The " IO È " show created by Alekseij Canepa for Kseij Dance, aims today to represent through three acts how men with the advent of technology began to decrease constantly relations each other, increasingly becoming automata, almost like they were remote-controlled by others.

Choreographer : Alekseij Canepa
Direction and Lights : Alekseij Canepa, Alla Poilova
Original Soundtrack : Armenia
Production : Studio Danza Alla Poilova


Thanks To Budapest Dance Theatre


(P) Armenia
Video released in June 2017