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New Earthlings - Video

Doctor Who teaser


British rock band New Earthlings cover the Doctor Who theme in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Available digitally on iTunes, Amazon and streamed on Spotify.

All profits from the single will be donated to UK heart charity, the British Heart Foundation.

Geoff from New Earthlings here. Just thought you'd like a little backstory about this Doctor Who release:

I suffered a heart attack about a year and a half ago while on a day out in London. I was admitted to University College Hospital and transferred to the Heart Hospital, where the surgeons there fixed me up with a couple of cardiac stents through the leg via the main artery.

Monitored by a moving x-ray machine on a jib (controlled by a man behind a glass screen, no less), relayed to a wall of video screens showing my own heart beating, it felt like a scene from a Doctor Who episode. So, the sci-fi nature of the procedure linked to the start of the eighth series of the legendary TV show, should give the single some visibility and make some money for the charity. And the band get a shout as well. Everybody wins. Just as well I didnt have two hearts like a Time Lord!

Geoff - New Earthlings

Doctor Who by Ron Grainer, arranged by Geoff Platt. Published by Chappell music Ltd. All rights reserved.