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DJ Alimba - Video

Sculptor Trance remix - Dj Alimba


This song is from my album "The Universe". Released at Oct. 18th.

Daji Screw ft. Kate Lesing - You Do ( Dj Alimba remix @ be-nice records USA)


Remix competition

Lionex - White world ( Dj Alimba Remix @EagleDanceRecords)


Remix Competition

Dj Alimba - Beyond Milky Way Promo Demo Clip


Album EP "Beyond Milky Way" preview

Comments (11)

  1. 19-12-2013

    Tanya, Middle Child is one Awesome song. From the vocals, lyrics, arraignment everything. I love how it builds, brings you back and builds again. This is a Fantastic song. Love Ya

  2. 13-08-2012
    Dani Robert

    Hi Tanya, I never considered indie. What does it mean exactly? I don't really know what genre I am, like one of the people commented on my page, they don't know what genre to place me in either!
    Thanks for the suggestion, I really do appreciate it!


  3. 18-05-2012

    TanyaMae, I loved all your songs. you are such a great story teller and the music is perfect. Nice work and all stars from me, my opinion

  4. 14-05-2012

    TanyaMae, Help me Daddy is great, an add and all stars. The guitars, your vocals and the lyrics really takes me back to when I was stationed in in the south going to juke joints to listen to the best of blues. Great job. Love it.

  5. 13-05-2012
    Bard of Ely

    Hi Tanya! Thanks for finding me here! I just rated your Help Me Daddy song and gave it 4 stars for all categories. Love that bluesy vocal and great guitar sound!

  6. 12-05-2012

    Hey TanyaMae!!!!!
    I Love Your New Song "Daddy Help Me!!!!" Keep up the Great Sounds!!!!! I really like that Blues Song!!!
    Peace & Happiness

  7. 12-04-2012
    m. thayer

    Bar stool?? I'm ready for a drink

  8. 05-04-2012
    The Buddy Harden Band

    Thanks for the kind words . I checked out "Six-String Outlaw" , very cool . If you like hot guitar playing , check out "Don't worry baby" on our page . My son lives in Orlando , I'll have him keep an ear out for y'all . Southern Rock rules !

  9. 28-03-2012
    Russell A. Worrell

    Hey TanyaMae! I really dig your tracks! wishing you all the best...keep doing great work!

  10. 24-03-2012

    Hey TanyaMae!!!!! Congratulations Lady!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!! I am also a nominee for 6 awards in the Blues Catagory. I will see you there!!!!!!!
    Peace & Happiness

  11. 20-03-2012
    Bill Creel

    Hi TanyaMae, I stopped by and listened to your tunes. I enjoyed them very much. I liked The Bar Stool the best. I see you're from Orlando. I'll be playing for a Corporate Function this Thursday at the Swan Dolphin Hotel Resort. I used to play in Orlando a lot back in the middle to late eighties. Good luck to you and keep the music coming.


Image Line Sound Design Competition Dj Alimba


Image Line Sound Design Competition

Comments (1)

  1. 23-03-2012
    Bill Creel

    Hi Striking, thanks for the friendship. I really enjoyed the song Tobuo even though I don't understand the language.