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Magik Squirrel - Video

Sneak Peak of studio recording of no limits with Thalia and Dalton


Magik Squirrel's second album, "Just Nuts" in studio with the single "No Limits" featuring the amazing young duo of Thalia Bulhoes and Dalton Neilan. A peak at the work and the sound

"No Limits - LIVE " by Dalton and Thalia (Written by Magik Squirrel)


"No Limits" written by Magik Squirrel for Dalton and Thalia who will perform it on the next Magik Squirrel album, "Just Nutz"

Who Knew? unplugged solo


Magik Squirrel performs Who Knew? solo on his Adonis acoustic jazz guitar



"Nothing" , Chapter 8 of the theme album "Dangerous Mary" by Magik Squirrel. This video features the band's "lil Magik Squirrel" as the star in its pursuit of.... ah nuts. It is a fun video featuring Ric Oliveira on guitars, vocals and composition with John Mailloux contributing Bass in the studio recording of a song often played acoustically and live by Magik Squirrell, a 2014 Reverbnation break Out Artist Finalist in Alternative Music. The fusion artist combines a country riff with a punk composition played softly in this performance of "Nothing." Please note that Lil Magik Squirrel was paid in a five pound bags of peanuts and he buried most of it. Filmed in October 2014 in Ocean Groove.

"WAHOO" by Magik Squirrel (Dangerous Mary)


Chapter Six in the "Dangerous Mary" Album story featuring Comey with an assist on vocals with Magik Squirrel. Buy Magik Squirrel on itunes. Ric Oliveira on guitar, vocals, lyrics, composition: WIth Comey on vocals and percussion, John Mailloux on Bass Magik Squirrel is a BMI Recording Artist - All Rights Reserved