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Randy Ferrell - Video

A Modern Day Knight (feat Terron)


This song is dedicated to the hard working men from all walks of life, Modern Day Knights who work tirelessly, face endless difficulties and shoulder immense burden their entire lives to protect and provide for their families. The stress from the invisible dragons they fight every day often leads to chronic illness.The dragons they face are as deadly as the dragons of old...

Comments (2)

  1. 21-05-2015

    Simply beautiful!

  2. 15-04-2015

    Great song! Lyrics are wonderful! Maybe orchestrate this?

Para Ti Mi Amor (feat Terron)


The first track produced for the upcoming album A Modern Day Knight from Debonaire Media. Para Ti Mi Amor is dedicated to my beautiful and amazing wife of 25 years. This is... for you my love.

Comments (1)

  1. 26-05-2015
    Elisabeth Popp

    This is an amazing song and what a beautiful dedication to your wife!