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Kirkstar - Video

Chris Brown - With You (Cover Up Vocals) - Kirkstar


Loving this song right hurrr my boi has come a long way from his first album to FAME and soon to be coming out this year Fortune now it's my turn to get up on this like others before me :D!!!!!!!!

Mariah Carey - Hero (Cover Up Vocals) - Kirkstar


An inspirational song thank you Mariah you are one of the greatest fa sho :D!!!!!

Stevie Wonder - You And I (Cover Up Vocals) - Kirkstar


This one is for the infamous Stevie Wonder!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson - She's Out Of My Life (Cover Song Vocals) - Kirkstar


Got Love For My Voice :D!!!!!!!

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody - Performance - Kirkstar


Paying my respects to my girl missing you still Aaliyah RIP