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Kirkstar - Video

Omarion - Touch - Performance Kirkstar


I got that magic touch ;)

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  1. 26-11-2011
    Doug Jackson

    Just a suggestion... From what I can hear of it, you seem to have a nice passionate singing voice but, in your recording here it's pushed so far down into the music mix I can't make out your lyrics in most of it... If you're going to perform don't hide behind the music... YOU, are the show... Be heard... Love the feel of your tune, but I'd love to hear you on top of it... Best of luck, Doug

Michael Jackson - Speed Demon - Performance Kirkstar (Tribute To MJ One Of My Inspirations To This Day)


Sending my regards still to the King Of Pop and one of the most talented people who left us RIP Michael.

Ester Dean Feat. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - Drop It Low (Remix) - Performance Kirkstar


Kirkstar - "Still doing my thing and not gonna stop doing it"....Fan - "And what's that ???" Kirkstar - "Dancing of course Lol"

Chris Brown & Ciara - Oh My Love (Remix) - Performance Kirkstar


Loving the beat for this song these my peeps :D

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  1. 20-05-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear David,
    Thank you so much for your great friendship! Sending positive energy, peace & Love*
    Have a lovely weekend!