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Rassoull Shabazz - Video

I love music - Steve McNashty Ft. Rassoull Shabazz


Song to a soundclick instrumental called "I Love Music" by June g

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  1. 11-08-2015
    Robot Raven

    Hi There,
    I listened to your music and I like it. I hope you will kindly give Robot Raven a listen -- and perhaps rate your favorites – and I will gladly reciprocate. We'd also love it if you would be a friend of the band. Drop me a line and tell me what you think of our music. I write all the lyrics, so I’m also interested in what you think of them, as well as the music. Love to hear from you.

  2. 03-07-2012
    Bard of Ely

    Hi Liuwina! Just rated your songs and liked Reaching For The Stars the most! Good luck here and please rate some of my songs too!

You Look Fly Today Remix (WWE Rikishi Theme)


"Rassoull Shabazz" presents: The WWE Remixes Mixtape EP

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[Public Service Announcement] - My Name is Rassoull


Introducing a new style of music with combinations of hip hop & other genres of music, my style of music has a message in each song consisting of references ranging from superheroes & anime to lifestyle, uplifting words, & general knowledge. Check me out @

The name Rassoull Shabazz is defined as "A gift from God that can not be defeated"
Official Lyrics below:

Verse 1:
Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Rassoull,
R. A. to the double S, to the O.U. to the doulble L,
last name Shabazz so I'll never fail,
love the game cuz my my heart is well,
Rassoull Shabazz, that's a grown man's name,
forever kid, not literal like lil wayne,
or lil flip, lil jon, or lil zane,
call me mature, big daddy like cane,
now dats real knowledge not a dropout,
like kanye with college, don't opt out,
referring to the album, didn't ya'll get that,
I feel the sweet tooth; break me off a kit kat,
Da lyrics just too hard, I'm kinda poetic so call me a bard,
Like the joker, I'm a card, Anime & heroes are things I guard.
Young Soully be the man, so be on your guard.

Verse 2:
The Rhyming Otaku, hungry like mushu,
Super Saiyan 4, just call me Goku,
or maybe like Kasshu, Domon to be exact,
I'm tryna start a movement like hip hop did back,
in the day, with turbo and ozone,
dancing and b-boying really set the tone,
Beat boxing and breaking were part of hip hop,
DJ-ing, MC-ing, put it on top,
so why did it stop, who's killing the game,
or maybe it's evolving, it's not the same,
my goal is to integrate art,
to set it apart, I thank God for the art,
I produce and write, but it's more than that,
Otaku Rap must have a good impact,
Also, I'm the artistic champion,
gotta be the best in the world man,
I'm Rassoull Shabazz, I'm an American,
I'm in the air force so I fight for every man,
Green Lantern is my favorite superhero,
been his fan every since I was zero,
I'm just letting you know about me,
I am a young man, but I'm so care free,
and Rassoull, that's who I be,

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  1. 30-07-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Beautiful instrumental and vocals here !!!:-)))

  2. 30-07-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Bigs thanks for friendship !!!:-)))