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Lance Norris and The Dog Track Gravy - Video

I Don't Want To Cause A Fuss


A Talking Blues for St. Patty's Day...

Cry Hard, Cry Fast (Demo)


A rough demo of a new song. Written by Lance Norris c&p 2013 Dutchco Music, BMI

I Ain't Santa


A little Christmas Ditty from The Dog Track Gravy

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  1. 09-03-2013
    Unkle Rikoe

    I ain't Santa

Molly McButter


Written by Lance Norris, c&p 2011 BMI, Dutchco Music. Performed by The Dog Track Gravy on Feel The Music Live April of 2012

Comments (2)

  1. 09-03-2013
    Unkle Rikoe

    Diamond in the rough. Molley Make butter!

  2. 01-07-2012
    Bryan Barcelo

    Enjoyed every aspect of this production. Excellent creative meld.

Drinking My Paycheck Tonight


Just another gem written by Lance Norris. c&p 2012 BMI, Dutchco Music

Comments (4)

  1. 09-03-2013
    Unkle Rikoe

    i appreciate your unique music.and ask that you continue to keep making great vibe-ish music like this luv man!

  2. 09-04-2012
    Netty Mac

    Excellent hook!! Great work on selecting pictures to get your message across. lol
    Keep 'em comin'!!

  3. 25-03-2012
    Bryan Barcelo

    Love the vibe of song and video combo. Nice Job!

  4. 25-03-2012
    Helder Rock

    Just brilliant stuff!!! Love this video!