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The Subjective Perspective - Video

Dead Peasant Uprising (Anthem For The 99%) Official Video- performed and copyrighted by The Subjective Perspective


This is the official video for the anthem that The Subjective Perspective had created for the 99%. This video is created and copyrighted by The Subjective Perspective. Enjoy...

The Subjective Perspective performing The Night Rises @ TRiP in Los Angeles


TRiP is a wonderful venue for musicians. Outstanding soundsystem, great sound person, and hip and cool people. The Subjective Perspective looks forward to rockin' TRiP again!

The Subjective Perspective- Dead Peasant Uprising


The Subjective Perspective write Dead Peasant Uprising as an anthem for the 99%... The true hero's of contemporary America's working class and poor communities. This was a live performance at Sullivan Hall in the Greenwich Village section of NYC.

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  1. 11-08-2015
    Robot Raven

    I hope you will kindly give Robot Raven a listen -- and perhaps rate your favorites. We'd also love it if you would be a friend of the band. Drop me a line and tell me what you think of our music. I write all the lyrics, so I’m also interested in what you think of them, as well as the original songs. Love to hear from you.

The Subjective Perspective-Have You Ever Seen A Wiseman


This performance was at Sullivan Hall on 12/28/2011 in the Greenwich Village section of NYC. The song's called Have You Ever Seen A Wiseman. It is inspired by the social injustice and importance of love to defeat the darkness that The Subjective Perspective feels holds great truth in contemporary America.